November 3rd – If you like music, song, dance and comedy you will love BOWJANGLES who use every style and genre of music you can imagine and take their string quartet performance to a whole new dimension with “ON THE BOX”.

Sponsored by LESLEY BARLOW, Clacton-on-Sea.


Bowjangles2Bowjangles. This multitalented four-piece not only play their instruments superbly; they also sing, they dance, they leap, tumble, juggle and joke, leaving their audience in stitches of laughter – and incredulous. Bowjangles use every style and genre of music you can imagine in energetic and hilarious stage shows which takes string quartet performance to a whole new dimension, and brings old style Music Hall Vaudeville into the 21st century.

Based in London, England, Bowjangles have travelled the world with their unique brand of performance, being invited to entertain the masses from Brisbane to Barbados, Norway to the Outer Hebrides. They perform mainly in halls, theatres and at Arts festivals- however they have also been known to perform on boats and in barns, hospitals, castles, nightclubs, schools, in the middle of roads and in a forest at the dead of night.

Ezme, Bertie, Ed and Mitch have all been regulars on the Covent Garden busking/street performing scene since they were teenagers. In the late 90s they quickly realised that you got a much warmer reception from the passing crowds if you smiled, flirted, serenaded and wiggled your way through your show, and the embryonic form of their unique art form was born. Over the years the performance style has been honed and refined and when the four decided to create a new group together in 2008, they used many aspects of what they had learnt over the years in Covent Garden and at street festivals worldwide to create their first show.

These days the group travel a lot to perform in halls and theatres; mini tours organised by brilliant ‘Rural Touring Schemes’ in place up and down the country. They also travel abroad for theatre performances, private events and festivals.

Contact : Ezme Gaze
tel : (+44) 7843 388 647

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