Canterbury outing1/5/2013

Jennifer and Nicholas Canterbury outingThe weather the day before our planned trip to Canterbury, was not at all clement but, as per usual(in keeping with the weather `pact` Keith seems to have with the Maker!)it was absolutely glorious on this day.

We arrived without incident at our destination and the arranged `pick up` times were broadcast over the coach speaker by that well know local `thespian`-Don Bishop-who was taking charge of our coach, whilst Keith conducted proceedings in the other one. I spent almost all of my day in the Butter market, listening to the street musicians and gaining a general goodwill ambience from the throngs that assembled there, also enjoying the sunshine.

At this point I want to (fairly briefly) mention the Cathedral. Almost all of those on our two coaches felt that the admission via a pay turnstile for a place of worship was outrageously high-I agree and was not, like them, prepared to be `levered` into this payment, which I felt, in our case( and many others) is counter productive as many of our patrons would have probably made a good donation if it were voluntary. I refuse to pay to go in a house of God-regardless of the financial issues which the church would be quick to point out-I know there is upkeep of the buildings and many servants of the Lord who have to be financially re-reimbursed, but I think that a turnstile is a very `blunt tool` and it has the reverse effect, in many cases, for raising revenue-so I did not go in.

Others had gone to have a look further afield and one passenger recalled her boat trip on the river. The old world sits comfortably with the new here and it is a delightful partnership.


The `Canterbury tales` was a sort of surreal experience for me-I think I did not loiter long enough at one exhibit and somehow I got `out of sync` with the commentary on the portable telephones we were given. I did, however, learn they were quite a `bawdy` lot in medieval times and some of the raucous stories mirrored that fact!!? After another super day we arrived back home, as per planned, just in time for a nice cuppa and a relaxing evening.

Another triumph in the finely planned excursions for Arts and Lits.

Painted lady


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