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Aug 22

27 Nov 2017 Noel Noel Cantabile

CANTABILE ARTISTS AGENCY G Y D A R • T Y D U R O A D • G L A N C O N W Y • C O N W Y • L L 2 8 5NW P HON E : 0 1 2 8 6 8 3 1 4 7 1 / …

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Mar 07

Anthony Stuart Lloyd

Members of the Clacton and North East Essex Arts & Literary Society were entertained for the last time this season by Anthony Stuart Lloyd, an astonishingly good Baritone, who introduced himself to the audience as coming from a quaint tiny fishing village called Cardiff!!  Accompanied by pianist, Alexander Abbott, he opened with ‘Man of La …

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Feb 28

Christopher Biggins

Last Monday evening at the Princes Theatre, the members of Clacton Arts & Literary Society enjoyed a fun filled visit from Christopher Biggins.  With hilarious stories from his lifetime in show business, he recounted his appearances in ‘Porridge’ and ‘Master Chef’ to name but two.  We were also reminded of his love of playing Pantomime …

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Feb 21

The Jazz Repertory Company

On Monday evening The Princes Theatre was almost full with members of the Arts and Literary Society enjoying “100 Years of Jazz in 99 minutes”, featuring The Jazz Repertory Company, consisting of six multi instrumentalists, playing over twenty instruments, and performing the most significant music in jazz history. Firstly the pianist opened the evening on …

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Feb 14

Amanda Bryett Blue Badge Tourist Guide

Amanda Bryett presented a highly entertaining talk entitled ‘The Perils and Pleasures of a Blue Badge Tourist Guide’ for the members of the Arts and Literary Society on Monday evening, with many stories about guiding tourists from around the world through our major London sites such as The Tower of London, The Houses of Parliament, …

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Feb 07

Rosie Ashe on Ethel Merman

On Monday evening Arts and Lits members enjoyed a delightful musical evening with two nationally renowned artistes, soprano Rosie Ashe and her wonderful accompanist, pianist Paul Knight, who gave comic support in “Anything You Can Do, Friendship and You’re Just In Love”, telling the story of one of the greatest Broadway musical stars of all …

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Jan 31

Dr Michael Leach Poles Apart

Dr Michael Leach – ‘Poles Apart’ was the title of the illustrated talk given to members of the Clacton Arts and Lits Society on Monday evening.  Michael Leach, wildlife photographer and author took us into the wonderful world of the Artic and Antarctic. As a professional naturalist, Michael admits that parts of his job are …

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Jan 24

Dr Annie Gray

Those members of Clacton Arts & Lits who battled the elements on Monday evening to get to the Princes Theatre enjoyed an enthusiastic and informative presentation by food historian Dr Annie Gray who specialises in the history of food and dining in Britain from the 1600s to the present day .  She shared her great …

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Jan 23

Michaels Law’s Piccadilly Dance Orchestra

Long time member of the Society Mrs Janet Dewing of GCS Alarms Ltd sponsored the evening of the most wonderful music and dancing which was performed by Michaels Law’s Piccadilly Dance Orchestra, with the lovely voice of Karla Beare and The Gatsby Girl dancers, to open the second half of the Clacton Arts and Lits …

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Nov 29

Bowjangles Christmas Show

The return of Bowjangles with their ‘Christmas Show’ brought the first half of the Arts and Lits season to a close. The string quartet with founder member Ezme Gaze on cello, together with Bertie Anderson on viola, Ed Bruggemeyer and Mitch McGugan on violin, kept the audience entertained with their sheer energy.  All four of …

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