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Jan 27

A Winter on the Nile Anthony Sattin

¬†Florence Nightingale is usually known for her work during thre Crimean war as “the lady with the lamp” but on Monday evening Anthony Sattin took the members of the Society on her journey on the Nile in 1849 when she was a young girl and was suffeing from depression, possibly because she did not want …

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Jan 22

Anthony Sattin A Winter on the Nile

Princes Theatre-20/1/2014. What an absolutely fascinating evening! We were told of the `other `story concerning `the lady of the lamp`-Florence Nightingale- (who`s name immediately invokes images of the early days of nursing in the Crimea war)and Gustav Flaubert-known possibly (only) as the author of Madame Bovary and how their lives, at one point, were somewhat …

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Jan 20

New London Opera Players Review

The second half of the season started with a fabulous performance of Wine, Women and Song by the New London Opera Players. ¬† This incredible quartet of singers, Elizabeth Roberts (soprano), Louise Crane (mezzo), Robin Green (tenor) and Stephen Holloway (bass) together with their wonderful accompanist Andrew Charity, gave us an evening of some of …

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Jan 14

New London Opera Players

New London opera players Arts and Lits Princes theatre13/1/2014 There are some evenings where near perfection is achieved- we had one at the Princes theatre last night when we were entertained by the`New London Opera Players.` Their choice of material was varied-(we were invited to `hum`, during the humming chorus-some hummed more than others, but …

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