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Windsor cream tea river trip Maidenhead 17/7/2013

As I sleepily peered out of my window, at 6am, I mused that whenever I have been on an `Arts and Lits` trip-the weather has been excellent. Yesterday it was raining `cats and dogs`-tomorrow-who knows, but today-`Ah, Keith Baines has `pulled in another favour` from the One who rules above all others!!` Soon I was …

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Rochester-`Arts and Lits` outing Wednesday 29th May 2013.

┬áThe day started with a rather gloomy sky, but, no matter ,we were soon on our way. Two coaches -one `over seed` (or is that over sawn??) by Keith Baines and the other by his wife, Brenda. As per usual, they had visited the venue beforehand and planned the trip down to the very last …

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Canterbury outing1/5/2013

The weather the day before our planned trip to Canterbury, was not at all clement but, as per usual(in keeping with the weather `pact` Keith seems to have with the Maker!)it was absolutely glorious on this day. We arrived without incident at our destination and the arranged `pick up` times were broadcast over the coach …

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