Mar 26

Henry Sandon

Henry Sandon

Finding old pottery in his garden sparked the passion that has since ruled his life. An obsession that his son John has also inherited.Witty Anecdotes . . . You are invited to bring ceramics in for Henry to analyse while he delights you with witty anecdotes and from a lifetime’s experience.So, now’s your chance to have an expert opinion on your pottery, china or bizarre whatever!
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Henry Sandon at Clacton & North East Essex Arts & Literary Society
Visually illustrated with slides Henry Sandon YOUR VERY OWN Mini ‘Antiques Roadshow’ Selling point to your audience – • Meet the Expert / Experts before the show. • Bring your own treasures for a Free Valuation. • Face to Face meeting. • Full 2 hour illustrated presentation of fascinating   entertainment Format of the Show: Henry will arrive in time to set up their show, they will make themselves available to meet the audience for about one hour before the performance starts. This is followed by 2 x1 hour presentations with illustrations.

Henry Sandon the much-loved ‘Potaholic’ shares witty anecdotes from a lifetime’s experience.

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