Ian Lavender and Chris Searle

800 members of Clacton Arts & Lits enjoyed an evening with Ian Lavender and Chris Searle in ‘Don’t Tell Him Pike’ at the Princes Theatre on Monday night.

Dad’s Army was one of the top TV comedy shows of all time. The exploits of the hapless Captain Mainwaring and his inept Home Guard platoon are still being shown to this day on TV all over the world and this year has seen the release of the new Dad’s Army feature film.

Ian Lavender starred in the original Dad’s Army as Private Pike, the teenager whose mum made him wear a scarfto protect him from the croup”. He shared with writer and broadcaster Chris Serle, a generous helping of anecdotes about the making of the series, at rehearsals, in the studio and on location with his fellow volunteer soldiers accompanied by clips from the shows including some from the very first and very last episodes.

The evening was sponsored by The Hearing Care Centre.

October 31st – ‘DON”T TELL HIM PIKE’, an audience with IAN LAVENDER in conversation with CHRIS SERLE.  Dad’s Army was one of the top TV comedy shows of all time and tonight IAN shares with the writer and broadcaster Chris, a generous helping of his brilliantly funny anecdotes about the series.  Sponsored by The Hearing Care Centre.  Clinics in Colchester, Frinton, the Oaks Hospital and across Essex. 01255 760839

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