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February 13th 2012 IAN SKELLY gives us an insight into the pioneering work of the Prince of Wales with his illustrated talk “THE VISION OF THE PRINCE OF WALES”. Ian has worked closely with the Prince for several years, helping to articulate his ideas in speeches and lectures and now as one of the co-authors in a landmark book and film, Harmony.

Ian Skelly has been a broadcaster with the BBC for thirty years. He began as a reporter in the Midlands and then became a presenter of news and current affairs programmes for BBC radio and television, ending his time in the Midlands presenting two top-rated news breakfast shows.

Since 1995 Ian has been a regular voice on BBC Radio 3. He often presents all of its main programmes from the Breakfast Show at weekends to its afternoon programmes and its main evening concerts. He is one of the regular anchors on the station’s live relays from the Metropolitan Opera House, New York, and introduces concerts in the UK live from the stage.

Ian has worked with the BBC Symphony Orchestra at the Barbican in London, the BBC Philharmonic in Manchester and on the road with the BBC Concert Orchestra. He also introduces concerts outside his work for the BBC. Among the many venues he has worked, he has fronted concerts and events at the Royal Albert Hall, the Watford Colosseum, the Dorking Halls and the Plymouth Pavilions.

Throughout this time he has also worked as a highly effective voice coach and broadcast skills instructor for the BBC. In that capacity he has trained many of the BBC’s top presenters and correspondents. He has worked in every BBC centre in the UK and many of its bureaus around the world. He has also been a voice consultant for ITN, GMTV and Channel 4 TV.

He has known HRH The Prince of Wales for ten years. He has helped the Prince articulate the detail of his philosophy and helped him explain how it works in practice across a wide range of disciplines. Ian has done so in many speeches and lectures given by the Prince on the international stage. They include the Dimbleby Lecture for the BBC, given by the Prince at St James’s Palace in London and broadcast on national BBC Television, a lecture to the Oxford Centre for Islamic Studies on Islam and the Environment and a speech on the Future of Food at Georgetown University in Washington. All of these important statements are to be found incorporated into the purpose of the book, Harmony, co-authored with the Prince and the environmentalist, Tony Juniper. Ian is also the Prince’s advisor on the film Harmony being made by Balcony Films of California.

Ian is the Chairman of the Temenos Academy, a charitable trust based in London and dedicated to offering education in philosophy and the arts in light of the sacred traditions of the East and the West. It was founded by the poet, Kathleen Raine, and the Prince of Wales is its Patron.

Ian is also a keen portrait photographer and has taken many portraits of actors and artists. He has taken photographs at the National Theatre and his pictures have been published in arts periodicals and various magazines and catalogues.

Talks and lectures by Ian Skelly on Harmony

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  1. Ian Skelly Princes Theatre 13/1/2012
    For years the media and some rather `unfunny` contemporary `comedians`
    (most of them are pathetic and without expletives and hurtful humour would
    have no act at all!!) have parodied and ridiculed Prince Charles for his
    somewhat un-orthodox views on many and varied subjects.

    I have most definitely not been one of those happy with this opinion expressed
    and neither (I suspect) are the many others in the society, in attendance for the
    talk given by his close associate and adviser-Ian Skelly.
    This very articulate person proceeded to tell us with minute detail about how
    we used to understand and conserve the planet’s `fruits` in all areas and how,
    over recent years, much has been lost by those who would advocate that
    because it`s `old fashioned` then it must be no good and therefore needs to be
    pulled down or got rid of!

    The `replacements`, in many and vast area, have created their own problems
    for the environment and now we are reaping the results of this mass lunacy!
    His very articulate and engrossing speech gave us an insight into the invaluable
    work the Prince undertakes-he is not a man without vision, but very caring
    and is genuinely interested in conservation.

    He does not advocate that we go back to `living in caves` but that all our
    actions should be well thought out beforehand and the results must outweigh
    the initial input and be environmentally friendly-we, rightly, are being pressed
    to think more about the waste and rape of this earth ,where we all are
    `caretakers` for future generations.

    Wanton wastage (whilst many can hardly survive on meagre daily
    consumption) the cutting down of rain forests at alarming rate, the subsequent
    damage they do to the soil (to say nothing of the loss of CO2 to O2 conversion
    they do) bland architecture, that can have a devastating effect on communities,
    and chemical treatment of the land-these are all part of the Prince’s plan to
    obliterate or at least reduce this trend and he is trying desperately to get
    `uncaring man` to realise this must now happen, regardless of the financial

    The questions asked by the audience towards the end of the presentation were
    answered economically, thoughtfully and truthfully.
    Another thoroughly fascinating evening-just where will we go next-Cindy
    Hardy has the answer to that question?

    Jennifer Kersey(painted lady)

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