Jeremy Sasoon

Clacton & North East Essex Arts & Literary Society

4th February Jeremy Sasoon and the Jazz Prescription.

Pianist Jeremy Sassoon and his 4 piece band of drums, bass, guitar and sax bring us jazz and swing standards and arrangements of songs from Nat King Cole through to Paul Simon and many others. Sponsored by LESLEY BARLOW, Clacton-on-Sea.


Jeremy Sassoon, Jazz singer, jazz pianist from Manchester, North West UK sings Jazz, Blues, Soul and the music of Ray Charles.



  1. The presentation to the Arts and LiterarySociety on Monday evening was “just what the doctor ordered”! The qualified doctor and psychiatrist who changed careers to become a full time musician sent the full house home happy as they enjoyed a wonderful evening of jazz. Jeremy Sassoon, singer and pianist, together with his excellent four piece band, entertained members with varied jazz and swing numbers, ranging from Paul Simon, Ray Charles and Nat King Cole.
    The song written by Jeremy told the story of his own transition from doctor to full time musician and was entitled ‘Do what feels right for you’ which was hugely appreciated by the audience.` Among the other numbers played were I get a kick out of you, There was a boy, Hard hearted Hannah, Georgia and Don’t know much about history and many others. This was. perhaps, one of the best jazz evenings presented to the Society.
    Audrey Owens
    Press Officer

  2. Jeremy Sassoon and the Jazz Prescription
    Arts and Lits-Princes theatre 4/2/2013.

    `It`s a wonderful world`(the Louis Armstrong `hit` tune)was a fitting encore reflecting a magnificent night of music of many genres given by Jeremy Sassoon and his fellow musicians for `Arts and lits` most recent presentation.

    With ample`light and shade` and attention to minute detail given to every piece presented, this was truly yet another triumph for those who serve marvellous entertainment for our `pallets` each week, on Monday nights, during the winter period. We were reminded of many facts (some rather obscure-some best forgotten!!)about Clacton, as Jeremy had taken the trouble earlier to look on `the web`-(Wikipedia)-we were not around (even our oldest member could not claim otherwise!?) when our distant Clacton ancestors, early man, raised his body off `all fours`, emerged from a cave on the rugged seafront and added a new dimension to his daily life by fashioning a hunting axe (they even had the tenacity to have it with them on stage!!??) My particular favourite was the very tender and emotional rendition of the Nat `King` Cole hit-`Nature boy`-it was breathtaking and throughout the whole night’s performance the audience showed their approval at each juncture when one of the ensemble `took a solo.` Jennifer Kersey

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