Nick Baker

28th February Nick Baker replacing Adrian Cale

Weird Creatures

An evening with naturalist Nick Baker

and his favourite weird creatures!

Nick Baker is presenter of Channel Five’s Weird Creatures, previous presenter of BBC One’s The Really Wild Show and CBBC’s Spring Watch. 

His other Television credits include co presenter of Pirate Ship Live with Vic Reeves and Inside Out, among others.

This new show take you on a personal journey that has taken him to some of the harshest and most extreme locations, from the high elevations of the Andes to bring you the baggy frogs of Lake Titicaca, to the darkest, dingiest depths of Slovenia’s caves to meet the Olm possibly the source of the original dragon.

  • ·        Sometimes irreverent and funny but always laced with a passion and a fascination for these exotic weird creatures

Join Nick as he tells his favourite stories about discovering, meeting and filming some of his favourite Weird Creatures. As well as some candid and revealing ‘behind the scenes’ trials and tribulations, he will also explain why these animals appear weird to us and how their strange looks and habits are actually born of an evolutionary need to tackle some unique habitats and situations. 

Come and learn more about some of the lesser inhabitants of our planet, part bizarre, part adventure and part conservation; all served up with a generous dollop of irreverence and humour!

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  1. ‘Weird Creatures’

    The Society’s 15th Presentation last Monday evening was entitled ‘Weird Creatures’ and featured Nick Baker, Biologist, Naturalist and TV Presenter. Nick is well known from the BBC programmes ‘The Really Wild Show’ and ‘CBBC’s Spring Watch’ and more recently Channel 5’s ‘Weird Creatures’. Nick’s love of insects and reptiles began at an early age and his naturalist leanings were formalised when he attended Exeter University and achieved a good degree in Biology. Having worked at the university he left to begin a career in television and as a writer.

    Nick’s engaging personality and the early rapport with members drove the evening on at a good space and we were treated to a series of images, videos and anecdotes surrounding some of the weird creatures that are so dear to him. His hunt in the cave complex of Postojna in Slovenia for the Olm was told amusingly, and he has the ability to impart considerable quantities of information about particular species. Similarly his search for the Hellbender Salamander (one of the largest amphibians found today) was interesting and the images shown confirmed its placing as a weird creature.

    From a personal viewpoint it was Nick’s visit to Mexico City and Lake Xochimilco to search for the last wild Axolotl that encapsulated the importance of such expeditions. The Lake(now reduced to a turgid foul smelling canal) is the only wild home of this amphibian and whilst it is facing the ever increasing encroachment of humans from Mexico City, the creatures are also under threat from the introduction of African Tilapia and Asiatic Carp which are used as food fish.

    Nick’s presentation style is very engaging and he easily imparts explanations as to why these animals appear so weird to us and how their appearance and habits are actually born out of an evolutionary need to tackle some unique habitats and solutions. This is delivered with a generous helping of irreverence and humour which cannot hide his love for these creatures. The evening was an unqualified success with its amalgam of adventure, conservation, and just bizarreness.
    The evening was sponsored by Tendring Reuse & Employment Enterprise.

    Robert Pearce Locum Press Officer

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