Rochester-`Arts and Lits` outing Wednesday 29th May 2013.

Rochester The day started with a rather gloomy sky, but, no matter ,we were soon on our way. Two coaches -one `over seed` (or is that over sawn??) by Keith Baines and the other by his wife, Brenda. As per usual, they had visited the venue beforehand and planned the trip down to the very last detail.

After a fairly uneventful journey and a stop off `en route` for a `comfort stop`, we arrived at Rochester. A delightful town (city?) The weather thankfully held off, although there were moments of slight rain. My friend, Linda and I looked for somewhere to eat near to the Cathedral as a little time was allowed for looking around. I visited it whilst she did some shopping(she used to live nearby and had visited the Cathedral many times before) and was very pleasantly surprised that their was not `(as per many other places now) a turnstile that prevents your entrance into this house of God, unless you are prepared to pay the fee demanded-I personally think it is counterproductive and outrageous(I realise that these vast spaces require money for upkeep-but I refuse to enter whenever I see this!) – I made a fairly generous donation at the end of my visit and conveyed these thoughts to two stewards sitting by the entrance. The organist was playing the beautiful instrument in a very slow and evocative piece and I sat for a while and allowed myself to savour this moment of reverie with sheer calm and bliss which prevailed in this hallowed place where, outside, the hurried and impatient life that goes on in most areas these days!

Rochester2Back at the coach we were then taken to `Dicken`s world` where the `Olde world of yesterday` is portrayed and Jim (was it jumpin` Jim?) explained to us in great detail the meaning of all the exhibits in broad `Cockney accent, never once slipping out of character-quite an enlightening experience.

Then to the lounge area where we had scrumptious (well, this terminology does fit!!) cream tea and were entertained by a troupe of singers and dancers in traditional early last century costume. Soon we were one our way home after having yet another lovely day out.

Jennifer Kersey(miss)

Rochester-`Arts and Lits` outing


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