Stringfever November 21st Take three brothers, one cousin, add four electric string instruments and you have STRINGFEVER, who will produce an electrifying variety of sound from the classics to today’s music with their classically trained musicianship, incredible instruments, repertoire and humorous edge. Sponsored by WEST CLIFF THEATRE, Clacton-on-Sea.


  1. Stringfever-Arts and Lits-the Prices theatre November 21st 2011.
    A thought occurred to me as I sat in the audience, enthralled (as, I`m
    sure by the reaction after each individual piece, was everyone in the
    theatre!) by this group of musicians and I could hardly wait to open
    my dictionary when I got home.

    `Bent`-bias, tendency , inclination, to one’s heart’s content…………
    `Broad`-widely encompassing, extensive, of stated breadth,

    I think that aptly describes the outstanding talents of the Broadbent
    family(three brothers and a cousin with the same surname) who,
    in this instance, are together known as `Stringfever.`
    Their lovely, smart, stage outfits, the humour (well balanced at all
    times) superb playing of the modern string instruments(with their
    multiple sounds and no wires anywhere to be seen)-each one a
    `veritable virtuoso` in his own right!

    No bad language needed, no judges’ panel, with their inane
    comments, no jungle-……`oh, what a joy to share this magical
    experience-I can easily see why they were voted as favourite artistes
    last time they visited us!`

    Of special note was the point where Cindy and Patricia(do they have
    hidden musical talents?)were invited on to the stage for an incredible
    rendition of Ravel`s Bolero, whereupon all four were playing on one
    instrument-absolutely(and I’m always careful howI use that word)
    unbelievable and as the Americans would have us credit every
    movement in life-AWESOME!!!

    This was a night of triumph-all who left were busy chattering about it
    and I`m sure it will come into conversation in a wider context for
    some time to come.

    What else can one add to a perfect evening-Cindy and her team have
    amazed us yet again.

    Jennifer Kersey.

  2. The members of the Arts and Literary Society experienced again the truly remarkable skills of Stringfever on Monday evening when they appeared for the second time, the first being in 2008.

    The Broadbents, Giles, Ralph and Neal together with their cousin, Graham, gave a scintillating evening of music on their five and six-stringed electric violins, viola and cello. Their energy was incredible and the music marvellous. They offered such contrasting music as Vivaldi, the Beatles, Brahms, Ravel and some of their own compositions. A great highlight was their Movie Themes Medley in which the audience had to guess the films from which the snippets came. The most spectacular item was Ravel’s Bolero when all four of them played it on the cello – standing on chairs and sitting on the floor – the result a chaotic and evocative event. They completed their programme with the History of Music – in 5 minutes. This was a masterpiece of compilation which everyone loved. As an encore they played The Lark by Dinicu, changing instruments with each other. Fantastic!

    The evening was sponsored by the West Cliff Theatre.

    Audrey Owens Press Officer

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