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3rd December 2012′ Swing It With The Opera Dudes’ with Jimmy The Lip Allstar Band. Two modern day Mario Lanzas performing some of the world’s most romantic music, in their own unique vocal arrangements. Sponsored by MICHAEL and JULIE PAYNE.

The Opera Dudes are two tenors from very different backgrounds.

Neil Allen...

…started singing in the pubs and clubs of Nottingham, when he was still working as a builder. After a lengthy period retraining as an operatic tenor, he now performs all over the world.

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Tim Lole…

…first sang as a cathedral chorister before studying at Cambridge and pursuing a career as a conductor and pianist. However, he soon realised he wasn’t getting enough attention behind the keyboard and decided that tenors had all the fun.

It was opera that brought the two together and the music of the crooners that cemented their friendship. As The Opera Dudes they get to indulge all their musical loves and have created an act which combines their many years of musical training with an equally long time spent messing about.

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The Opera Dudes in Concert

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  1. The Opera Dudes 3 December 2012
    The Opera Dudes, Neil Allen and Tim Lole, together with the Jimmy The Lip Allstar Band which comprised James Stretton, Iain Jackson, Percy Pursglove and Richard Baker, presented the Christmas concert to the Society on Monday evening.

    This was an evening of music and humour which started with Lets Fly Away when a balloon escaped from the decorations and floated upwards causing some amusement. The singing varied from arias from Puccini’s Tosca and Verdi’s Rigoletto to Granada, Lulu’s Back in Town, Have Yourself a Merry little Christmas, Mack the Knife etc. A complete and totally unexpected mixture which the audience loved. They participated in an action song and the concert ended with the members joining in the singing of two Chirstmas Carols.

    As well as the concert, the Christmas meeting also included a grand raffle and ended with mulled wine and mince pies.
    The Society will resume its meetings on 14 January 2013.

    Audrey Owens
    Press Officer

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