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11th February 2013 An Audience with Tim Brooke-Taylor in conversation with Chris Serle. Tim Brooke-Taylor has been delighting audiences with his gentle but zany humour ever since he rocketed from the Cambridge Footlights into West End stardom. Sponsored by COUNTYWIDE LETTINGS & PROPERTY MANAGEMENT, Holland-on-Sea.

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Tim Brooke-Taylor


Don’t miss the chance to hear comedy legend Tim Brooke-Taylor talking about his fascinating life and career. Tim has been delighting audiences with his gentle, zany humour ever since he rocketed from the Cambridge Footlights into West End stardom trading custard pies with John Cleese and one-liners with Bill Oddie in the hugely successful Cambridge Circus revue.

Tim had been studying Economics and Law at Cambridge but found a new vocation when, in 1963, he became President of Footlights, the revue club in which he wrote and performed not only with Cleese and Oddie but also Graeme Garden, Graham Chapman and Eric Idle.

That was just the start of a sparkling career which includes the long-running TV series The Goodies, BBC Radio’s I’m Sorry I’ll Read That Again in which he starred with Cleese and the “antidote to panel games” I’m Sorry I Haven’t a Clue, now in its 40th year. He has also appeared in countless stage productions and written several books.

An Audience With… will find him covering all these subjects and many more. Given time Tim will describe, how he directed Orson Welles in a film, helped Sevvy Ballesteros with his golf swing, appeared as Victor Meldrew’s neighbour in One Foot in the Grave and much, much more. You’ll have the chance to put your own questions to Tim at the end.

Chris Serle


Broadcaster and journalist Chris Serle regularly appears for Clive Conway Productions as the interviewer in An Audience With Tim Brooke-Taylor.

Chris originally became known to the viewing public as a foil for Irish comedian Dave Allen in his series Dave Allen at Large in 1971, but gained greater UK public recognition as one of the presenters on the TV series That’s Life! With Esther Rantzen. He later presented and appeared in In At the Deep End, a series in which he, and former That’s Life! Colleague Paul Heiney were pitched into professional situations with no prior knowledge.

He went on to appear in many other programmes including a stint presenting the viewer-response show Points of View. He is Honorary President of the Bristol Hospital Broadcasting Service, a registered charity which provides a radio service to the hospitals of Bristol.

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  1. Monday evening at the Princes Theatre was well attended as the members settled down to listen to An Audience with Tim Brooke-Taylor in conversation with Chris Searle.

    The two men discussed Tim’s career over many years starting with his time with the Cambridge Footlights shows and his very famous companions Bill Oddie, Graham Garden and John Cleese to name but a few. Throughout these reminiscenses we were shown excerpts from his various television shows.

    These proved to be a great delight as we wracked our brains to remember some of the older ones, which included At Last the 1948 Show and some of the Goodies – especially the wonderful silent movie episode.

    It was fascinating to hear about the exploits of the actors and the tricks they played on each other during performances.

    The evening ended with Tim answering questions put to him in writing by members of the audience and selected by Chris Searle.

    Audrey Owens Press Officer

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