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Clacton & North East Essex Arts & Literary Society

15th October 2012  The Diamond Jubilee Show with Tony Jacobs and Company

A Right Royal Occasion – Celebrating a musical journey from the Queen’s birth to her Coronation.

Tony Jacobs Biography

Tony Jacobs and Company

Tony Jacobs was born in Neasden, North London in 1952. Yes, we know he doesn’t look his age – he looks ten years older – and he says he owes it all to his love of real ale.

Whilst at school and his friends were listening to the sounds of people such as The Rolling Stones, The Cream , Eric Clapton and suchlike, he began to form his strong and unshakeable belief that the man who invented the electric guitar should have been drowned at birth.

Tony discovered his father’s collection of 78 rpm records and was captivated by the music of Benny Goodman, Tommy Dorsey and Artie Shaw and especially the band that remains his firm favourite – the Bob Crosby Orchestra and the Bobcats. He then heard Louis Armstrong’s ‘Potato Head Blues’ and still regards him, along with Bing Crosby, as the most influential musician/singer in 20th century popular music. website

Tony Jacobs has a Passion for Comedy

He studied (sort of) at the University of East Anglia in Norwich, where he indulged his passion for comedy (a passion which many say he carries over into his singing), writing, producing and acting in revues – yes, he did it all. Big head.

He then became a social worker, but entertainment and music beckoned and during his five year tenure fronting the tea-dance band at London’s Waldorf Hotel, he decided to go into music full -time. He was offered the job as male vocalist with the Syd Lawrence Orchestra in 1991 (he tried for the female vocalist position, but the beard gave him away) and there he remained for about ten years. During this time, he developed his own shows and met Ray Lowman who became his manager and friend. Ray encouraged Tony in his efforts and it is true to say that whatever success Tony achieved was due to Ray’s unstinting support. This included devising The Gershwin Years and The Sinatra Years and establishing very successful musical events in several venues. Sadly, Ray died in February 2004 but leaves a legacy of highly acclaimed shows.

Tony Jacobs Agent

Tony is now handled (if you’ll pardon the expression) by David Foster at All-Electric Productions.

He currently presents three jazz/cabaret/dance events during the year at Bracklesham Bay near Chichester and Pakefield near Lowesoft.

Tony lives in Fishguard with Mary and their three cats in their home which overlooks the sea and smells vaguely of beer.

Tony is now handled (if you’ll pardon the expression) by David Foster at All-Electric Productions


  1. The Sqn.Leader Hartley concert opened the 2012/13 season with Tony Jacobs and Company presenting The Diamond Jubilee Show.

    The Jim Barry Quartet together with Tony Jacobs and guest vocalist Catherine Sykes gave a feisty evening’s entertainment with music from the year of the Queen’s birth to her coronation.

    This was jazz at its best with fantastic solo performances by Karen Sharp on saxaphone and clarinet and Len Walker on electric guitar together with a frenetic performance by Steve Rushton on drums! Tony sang his heart out and the very large audience loved every minute. He and Catherine sang duets from shows from the Thirties and Fifties and Jim Barry made the piano sing.

    This was a really very special concert to open the new season and everyone is looking forward to the next 15 evenings.

    Audrey Owens
    Press Officer

  2. Tony Jacobs and Company presenting The Diamond Jubilee Show

    Just very occasionally you get a night where absolutely
    everything is perfect – Tony Jacobs and his wonderful musical
    team provided that, for the first evening(the traditional squadron
    leader Hartley concert) of the new season for Arts and Lits!
    With a scintillating presentation to mark the life of our dear
    Queen Elizabeth 11, we sailed through songs that had charm,
    melody and some sort of meaning to them-quite unlike most of
    the current offerings!

    I am a great believer in `packaging your product`- it doesn’t
    matter if it’s a `world-beater`- if it’s not presented correctly it
    won’t `sell` and we here are quite a discerning group of
    enthusiastic `Monday nighters!` Many of our generation would
    not travel out on a winter’s Eve, unless the standard of
    presentations was high-the theatre is consistently packed for
    these events so the committee must be doing something right!!
    Impeccably dressed for the occasion Tony and his musical
    ensemble – Jim Barry (piano) Andre Messeder (double bass) Steve
    Rushdon (percussion) Len Walker (guitar) Karen Sharp
    (saxophone/clarinet) and guest vocalists Catherine Sykes, thrilled
    us with their dexterity and apparent ease at which they moved
    from one great tune to another. Tony is not only one of our
    finest vocalists with a string of very ambitious achievements to
    his credit but also an accomplished `actor` whose comic timing
    was also very much appreciated. His little `asides` and dance steps brought a smile to everyone’s face.

    A huge `well done` to Corinne Osborn, who now books all the
    artistes – President Cindy Hardy and the rest of her associates for
    this fine start giving suitable impetus for the coming season.

    Jennifer Kersey 15/10/2012.

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