Windsor cream tea river trip Maidenhead 17/7/2013

Windsor TripAs I sleepily peered out of my window, at 6am, I mused that whenever I have been on an `Arts and Lits` trip-the weather has been excellent. Yesterday it was raining `cats and dogs`-tomorrow-who knows, but today-`Ah, Keith Baines has `pulled in another favour` from the One who rules above all others!!` Soon I was up and about and getting myself prepared for what promised to be yet another wonderful outing.
In charge of the smooth running of our coach was the very friendly and efficient Pamela.
The journey was pleasantly uneventful and we arrived in the leafy surround of Windsor which was to be the first part of our day. Pamela, Janet, Doreen and I decided to spend our time in the tranquil environment by the river as we had all visited the nearby castle on a previous occasion, until we again met up with the other trippers to be transported to Maidenhead for a cream tea on board a river boat.

Winsor boat tripThis truly is a magical place and even more so on such a wonderful summer`s day.
Our trip down the river, later, came well up to our expectations and we arrived home, exhausted but happy, in the early evening.
Another triumph for Arts and lits!

Miss Jennifer Kersey




Winsor boat trip

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