John McCarthy

15th November John McCarthy

John McCarthy ‘1,943 days of Squalid Captivity’ Living with the constant threat of execution was an unbearable strain on the likeable young television journalist on the first rungs of broadcasting management who was captured by Lebanese extremists on his journey home to the airport.  He knew Beirut was a hotbed of tension and danger.   But the last thing on his mind as his battered taxi navigated back streets to the airport, was kidnap and capture.

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Talks based on his experiences at the hands of terrorist kidnappers in the Lebanon consistently receive sensational critical acclaim and audience approval.

John McCarthy kept his dignity, triumphed over sadistic bullies determined to destroy him mentally and physically. He won the respect of some of his captors.

Today, the acclaimed broadcaster and author wins the respect of audiences who admire his lack of bitterness and marvel at the human lessons to be learned from his triumph over terrible adversity.

He is praised for making events extra special and tailoring his talks to suit a variety of topics for corporate and business audiences. He injects just the right level of humour and detail to make his presentations truly memorable.

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