Amanda Bryett Blue Badge Tourist Guide

Amanda Bryett presented a highly entertaining talk entitled ‘The Perils and Pleasures of a Blue Badge Tourist Guide’ for the members of the Arts and Literary Society on Monday evening, with many stories about guiding tourists from around the world through our major London sites such as The Tower of London, The Houses of Parliament, St Paul’s Cathedral and Westminster Abbey.  A local resident for over 25 years, she gave a fascinating insight into the history of Windsor as well as life today in the royal town.  Amanda trained as an elite Blue Badge tourist guide following a career as a communications manager and shared with her audience a fascinating insight into the rigorous training required of a guide and the tools of the trade, plus of course, the questions no training can ever prepare you for: “Is the UK in Wales?” “Is that guard real?” and “Why did the Queen Mother abdicate in1952?”
Cindy Hardy

February 13th – AMANDA BRYETT with an entertaining talk about ‘THE PERILS AND PLEASURES OF A BLUE BADGE TOURIST GUIDE’. With many stories about guiding tourist from around the world and the rigorous training required for a guide and the tools of the trade.   Sponsored by Fred Olsen Cruise Lines 0800 0355110


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