Dr Annie Gray

Those members of Clacton Arts & Lits who battled the elements on Monday evening to get to the Princes Theatre enjoyed an enthusiastic and informative presentation by food historian Dr Annie Gray who specialises in the history of food and dining in Britain from the 1600s to the present day .  She shared her great knowledge in an exceptional lecture looking at food presentation and design over the last 400 years, from Tudor pies, to late Victorian kitsch. She explored the changing notions of edibility and attractiveness, and shone a light on the interaction between food and fashion. It was a superb evening, well illustrated and very much enjoyed by those who attended.

Cindy Hardy

January 23rd – Presenting DR. ANNIE GRAY, food historian and a regular on BBC Radio 4’s The Kitchen Cabinet. Annie’s knowledge of centuries-old traditions of cooking is titled ‘TO PLEASE THE PALATE and CHARM THE EYE’. Showing 400 years of food as an ephemeral art.  Sponsored by member Christine Mummery Ross in memory of her Mum and Dad

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