Dr Lucy Worsley review

WORSLEY LucyHistorian, curator, author and television presenter Dr Lucy Worsley presented an illustrated talk entitled ‘Welcome to the Georgian Age’ to the Art’s and Literary Society. The first half dwelt on the lives of  King George 11 and his wife Queen Caroline, ‘the cleverest, the funniest and the fattest queen consort we’ve ever had’. At Kensington Palace the painting by William Kent represents all of those who lived at court at that time and we discovered how each one of them had an effect on the royal family. The second half was a look at the standard of the homes of ordinary people and how some of the sayings we use today originate from that period. Such as ‘hitting the hay’ and ‘don’t let the bed bugs bite’ as mattresses were made of hay! Dr Worsley has a vast knowledge which she imparts with humour and much enthusiasm, enthralling the audience.

Mary Adam

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