Dr Michael Leach Poles Apart

Dr Michael Leach – ‘Poles Apart’ was the title of the illustrated talk given to members of the Clacton Arts and Lits Society on Monday evening.  Michael Leach, wildlife photographer and author took us into the wonderful world of the Artic and Antarctic.

As a professional naturalist, Michael admits that parts of his job are incomparably wonderful. He has visited remote and exotic destinations to study some of the most fascinating wildlife on earth. But there are down sides, especially in the rain forests where there are bugs and creepy crawlies which can get under and into your skin.

Some people confuse the Arctic and the Antarctic. Michael has worked in both of these amazing places and explained the differences and misconceptions. The talk covered polar bears, penguins, snowy owls, elephant seals and many other animals from both ends of the earth.  He also talked passionately about Global Warming and its dangerous threat to the future of life on the planet.

The talk was enhanced by wonderful slides.  It was a superb evening which was very informative and visually spectacular.

Cindy Hardy

January 30th –Tonight performance is ‘POLES APART’ with DR MICHAEL LEACH.  Wildlife photographer and author he shares stories of his  experiences in connection with the fragile domains  of polar bears, king penguins, snowy owls  and elephant seals from the opposite ends of the earth.    Sponsored by a Society member

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