Helen McDermott Review

helen-mcdermottThe latest presentation for members of Clacton Arts & Lits was an illustrated, light hearted talk, given in her friendly, easy-going style, by Helen McDermott who was one of the regular presenters of Anglia News from 1988 to 2001.

Helen replaced original speaker Sir Alistair Macduff who was unable to come.

Helen told members that she was always destined for a show business career – but it could just as easily have been in music, theatre or even ballet. She had training as a ballet dancer and made her first professional appearance at the age of 12 with the Royal Festival Ballet, followed by summer seasons and pantomime.  The talk was an interesting insight into being in the  right place at the right time as Helen took us through her professional life finally moving to Norfolk to join Anglia TV in 1979.

She is now a director of 99.9 fm Radio Norwich, and in 2004 she joined actor Desmond Barrit in the formation of Ohyesitiz Productions, and for the past nine years the company has produced pantomime at Gorleston Pavilion.  Since Jan 2011 Helen has been a morning presenter for BBC Radio Norfolk, and is also associated with the TV Station for Norwich – “Mustard TV”.  The evening was much enjoyed by the members.

Cindy Hardy

November 21st– This evening Helen McDermott, has replaced Sir Alistair Macduff because he is unable to come now.
This evening we welcome British radio and television presenter Helen McDermott, who is best known for her work at Anglia Television, with her talk titled ‘’Er off the telly’.
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